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Signature Program

Actuarial Science is a signature program at RMU and is internationally recognized as one of only select few Centers of Actuarial Excellence. Actuaries are leading professionals analyzing risk & forecasting future events using numbers, strong analytical skills, business knowledge and understanding of human behavior.  Actuaries typically work in:

  • insurance
  • independent consulting companies
  • education & government

Actuarial Science:  Actuaries apply mathematical principles and techniques to solve problems in finance, insurance and related fields; involved with every aspect of the insurance industry. Strong mathematical skills and a solid business background are a must. (More information)

Applied Mathematics: This major can lead to rewarding careers in government and industry and also prepares students for graduate study in mathematics or statistics.
(More information BS program, BA program)

Statistics and Predictive Analytics: This major prepares students for this exciting field by providing them with a strong skillset in mathematics, statistics and database management while giving them the opportunity to work with large data sets. Students completing this degree obtain employment as either a statistician or a data scientist. Predictive analytics are used extensively in all major industries such as business, healthcare and sports.  In 2012, the Harvard Business Review titled an article "Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century". (More Information)

Master of Science in Instructional Leadership: The Instructional Leadership master's degree is designed for K-12 teachers to advance their careers. This program allows them to build on what they have already learned and advance professionally, demonstrating instructional and leadership skills that are a cut above the rest. 

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Minor, Mathematics: (More information)

The actuarial science program at Robert Morris University is dedicated to the integration of liberal arts and business education with the mathematical foundations of actuarial science. Our goal is to produce graduates with the cultural and civic awareness, as well as the technical proficiency and analytical skill, to lead full and productive lives in both the professional and the personal spheres. 

Actuarial Science is a signature program at RMU and is internationally recognized as one of only a select few Centers of Actuarial Excellence.