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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many students are in the actuarial program?

We have roughly 125 students in our program.

2. How many faculty? Do any faculty members hold actuarial credentials (e.g., ASA, FSA, FCAS, FCIA)?

We have four full-time, tenure-track professors. Of these four, two hold FSA credentials and two hold ASA credentials.

3. Does your school have an actuarial club? What are its key functions?

We do have an actuarial student club. It has both social (game nights, Pirates games) as well as professional (organizing the resume workshop, career fair, and speaker series) functions.

4. On average, how many actuarial exams do your students pass by graduation?

Our graduating seniors average about 2.4 exams passed by graduation.

5. On average, what is your job placement rate?

Our overall job placement rate for graduating actuarial science majors is about 85 – 90%.

6. Does your school hold actuarial career fairs or other on-campus events with actuarial employers? How many actuarial employers typically attend?

We do have an annual career fair that draws roughly 15 – 20 actuarial employers. In addition, we have 3 – 5 companies visit campus per semester to give information sessions or do other events.

7. On average, how many of your students have at least one internship by graduation?

The majority of our students have completed at least one internship by graduation.