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Useful Actuarial Links

For more information about actuarial careers and the RMU program be sure to visit the following sources:


Be An Actuary Web Pages  - A great source for general information about the actuarial profession and actuarial education

Society of Actuaries  - The Society of Actuaries is the largest professional actuarial organization in North America

Casualty Actuarial Society - The Casualty Actuarial Society is the professional society specializing in casualty insurance (for example, auto and homeowners)

D.W. Simpson  - A global organization specializing in actuarial placement, a great source for salary and employment information.

Ezra Penland - A leading actuarial recruitment company, with salary information for all levels and types of actuarial employment.

RMU Actuarial Science   - The RMU Academic program pages, general information about the program and curriculum

Society of Actuaries University Listings  - The SOA lists of University and College Programs

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics   - The Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Survey actuarial careers page

RMU Actuarial Science  Information Sheet  -  A comprehensive PDF summary in bullet-point form of information about the actuarial careers and the RMU Actuarial Science program