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"I chose RMU because I was excited about the new environmental science program. I couldn't have made a better decision. Getting in on the ground floor of such an exciting transition in the University's history has afforded me opportunities that I would not have received anywhere else. One year later, we have five brand-new labs equipped with the latest technologies and some of the best faculty and instructors I have ever had the pleasure to work with and learn from."

Cindie Kennedy-Chamberlin, Dec. '06

"I intend to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences. I chose this major because I feel that I have taken so much away from my environment. Throughout the years I have contributed massive amounts of waste into the environment being a consumer, using disposable products, and not recycling all of the time. I know that just myself alone has contributed a major negative impact on the environment and I want to devote my career to positively improve environmental quality. I want to allot my time, effort and education to help deteriorate the amount of pollution in the environment by working and volunteering. This major is a perfect choice for me because I will get satisfaction out of it by repairing the environment and bettering the world around me for future generations.

I want to make a difference in society by repairing waterways, soil and air quality around my local area and throughout the world. I would like to work for a non-profit organization or for a local, state or federal government. There are many diverse areas in the environmental science major that will allow me to become knowledgeable in each distinct area in the science field. I would like to have as much experience as possible in many various sectors to continuously learn new information that will allow me to develop my own original hypotheses and ideas.

A science major is an ideal choice for me. I am enjoying my classes more than I could have imagined. The fact that science is so ubiquitous has broadened my way of thinking about life in general. The knowledge that I am gaining from lecture and labs is truly inspiring. Science is amazing to me, because it is so minute, complex, and omnipresent. My labs are so enjoyable as they allow me to get hands on experience of using a microscope and practicing chemical analysis to change composition of materials. My schooling at Robert Morris University is one of the greatest life experiences thus far.

Continuing my education is the single most important thing to me in my life right now. I have known for years that I could and should be doing more with my capabilities. I am determined to do well in any endeavor that I take on. The environmental science field will allow me to get a career that I can achieve fulfillment from. I will be helping society and the environment with the knowledge and experiences I have gained from RMU. I started back to school almost three years ago and I have a least two more to go. While working full time, my life is very busy to say the least, but every minute of the crazy schedule is worth it to me. I know that one day I will be making a difference in society by discovering and using innovative techniques in science."

Jennifer Sabol, Dec. '09

"Four years ago I came to Robert Morris University seeking higher education and the idea of fulfilling my dream of becoming an Environmental Scientist with a concentration in meteorology. Science has always been of interest to me ever since I was a little girl and I was extremely happy to see that Robert Morris started a brand new science program in the upcoming year of 2004. In the four years I attended school I have been blessed with the opportunity to be educated by experienced and educated professors. In this time I have been educated in many different courses that were of immense interest to me and have gained knowledge of research in a specified field. Throughout this experience I have not only gained education but also have gained a grasp for passion to what I really want to achieve with my future.

The most significant accomplishment for me was my internship I received for the winter/spring semester of 2008 with KDKA Television. With this internship I really had a chance to pursue what my dream has always been. In the midst of this internship I had the pleasure of working in the weather department with Jeff Verszyla, the chief meteorologist for KDKA Television. I gained so much experience throughout this internship and could not have been blessed with any better opportunity. I learned an immense amount of knowledge from Mr. Verszyla from essentially performing actual meteorology tasks and acting as if I was a well-trained meteorologist. This had to be the best experience that I received throughout my education and hopefully will help me to further succeed in the future. People say that this will be the best years of your life, and I must say that I highly agree that college was everything if not more than I could have ever imagined. I not only gained a superior education, but at the same time great friends along with life skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life."

Melissa Hutchinson, May 2008, 1st graduating cohort in Environmental Science

Student Profile

My experience at RMU and future plans
By: Jim Kreider

Graduating in 2007 was a scary time. With the economy in recession and people losing their jobs, I knew it would be hard for a new graduate to find employment.

Although it took some time to secure employment, my environmental and leaderships skills that I gained from Robert Morris provided me with the confidence and knowledge to secure an office position with an industrial contractor. This position exposed me to how the company operated and gave me an opportunity to prove myself.

After two months of work I impressed my boss and he promoted me to a project manager position. I climbed up the ladder quickly in my 8 years with the employer.

During that time I became one of the top project managers at my job, working on multi-million dollar projects. Over the past couple years I obtained several certifications that have allowed me to become a top project manager.

Looking to the future I plan to assist my dad, who’s been a project manager for over 30 years, grow his business which he started in early 2016. With this opportunity to work alongside my father I will gain experience in starting and running a company. I also hope to help him grow the company into a multi-million dollar enterprise that I will one day be able to take over.