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RMU Engineering Student Chosen for ASME Petroleum Division Collegiate Council 

We are excited to announce Richard Bowers, B.S. Mechanical/M.S. Engineering Management major, has been selected to the ASME Petroleum Division Collegiate Council 2017-2018.

As a member of the council he will be working with other council members from some of the best engineering schools around the United States and Mexico, teaming up to complete their council-chosen project which will be presented during the spring ASME meeting.  

ASME industry mentors will share in-depth knowledge of the industry with council members, and help improve upon their leadership and technical skills. Tours of local petrochemical plants and rigs in the Settle area will be given, with a focus on how mechanical engineers play a vital role in the petroleum industry. 

We wish to congratulate Richard on his new appointment!   

RMU Flying Colonials - Red Bull Flugtag Competition 2017 - 9th Place!

Flugtag 1

Congrats to our Flying Colonial team! 

Roger Pogoda, Luke Schubert, Madison Parks, Nick Mummau and Drew Garbenis submitted the following entry statement:

"As engineering students at Robert Morris University, we have explored the various concepts to compete in the Flugtag event. Each of us come from different backgrounds, and bring varying degrees of experience to the team. We all could learn from each other, as well as from participating in the event. We are using our problem solving and analytical thinking skills to tackle the engineering aspects of the event. We are allowing our creativity to run its course in the design and skit portions of the event. We know this event will be fun and exciting. We are eager to begin the process of bringing our design ideas to life, and to fly into first place at the Regatta this summer.

Robert Morris was the “Financier of the Revolution.” We take pride in what Morris stood for, and chose to pursue the theme of our mascot: The Colonial. We plan on dressing in soldiers’ uniforms from the Revolutionary era in our pre-flight performance. We also plan on making a unique glider with a colonial-style ship for the base. The ship will be modeled after a Brigantine. Our style of glider is not something we have come across in our research for this event, so we know it is one of a kind. It will be a sight no one at the Regatta will want to miss."

Flugtag 4




      Flugtag 5        


Flugtag 6

Over the course of 3 months the students constructed a huge glider that had a wingspanof 20 ft. The glider was designed to be light weight and sturdy to give the team the farthest distance possible.

As part of the competition, the students performed a 30 second skit where they were dressed as Colonial and British soldiers and battled it out on top of the flight deck. After the skit one of the students took his place on the glider and was launched off of a 22 ft. high deck. The team held their breath as the Roger Pogoda piloted the glider 45 ft. before plunging into the Allegheny River. The judges showed their scores and the RMU Flying Colonial Team flew their way to 9th place! 

SEMS Intern for Mayo Clinic
April Krivoniac

April KrivoniacAfter presenting her work at the FDA/Biomedical Engineering Society Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference on 3D printed forearm cast along with her project-partners Erin Ritzer and Dr. Won Joo, April published two papers with Dr. Arif Sirinterlikci in the ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) and RAPID 2017 Conferences.

April Krivoniak is taking on another challenge by interning with the Division of Engineering at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota! She is the second SEMS intern for the Mayo Clinic this summer - the first being Damian DiFiorio, a RMU Science Major.  

April's strong experiences and expertise in laser scanning, 3D CAD data manipulation, as well as orthotic and prosthetic design, landed her this internship after completing a successful rotation with another high-tech medical device company in Virginia last summer.

Her RMU Biomedical project has already caught the attention of an industrial partner from Minnesota – Smiths Medical.



"You can do anything you put your mind to", Rebeka Ragan, BS Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Concentration

Although technically I graduated from college in December, a few days ago I got to officially walk across the stage and formally accept my diploma. I would like to reflect on December 11th, 2011, the last day of my first freshman semester, at Duquesne University. On this day I sat in my dad’s office bawling my eyes out about how I was destined to amount to nothing because I had just received a call from the admissions asking me to transfer to a "less financially stressful institution" because I was officially out of money and couldn't afford another semester there. 

I cried because I watched all my friends have a great semester and knew they were all going to have amazing memories of their college experience and make wonderful things of their lives and I was going to be the loser that worked a part-time job and never left home. I cried because I was bitter that my parents wouldn't co-sign a loan for me. I cried because I had worked so hard to even afford that one semester and now had nothing to show for it. But quickly I realized that no matter how sad IRebeka Ragan was or how hard I cried that the only thing standing between me and my dreams was - me. 

So I got to work and started at Robert Morris University. I worked three jobs, took night class after four hour night class. I worked than went to class and then went right back to work. I did everything and anything to make sure I would fulfill my dreams of graduating. I can't say that I miss the 21 credit semester or the sleepless or the 4 hour differential equations homework. But I don't regret them. I can honestly say that my time at Robert Morris was the most enlightening time in my life. I am thankful that my education was something that I had to work for because it taught me to appreciate it so much more. 

Appreciate the struggle, for you will appreciate nothing as much if you don't struggle for it. Never give up on your dreams. Never let anyone tell you, you can't - because you can. Never stand in the way of your own success. You can do anything you put your mind to.

So now I come to you as Rebeka Ragan, Biomedical Engineer, second in my family to graduate from college with honors and I've never be more proud, more honored or more humble to say that. Cheers! 


2017 UG Presidential Award Recipients:


2017 UG awards [2]

Kelsey has been an outstanding student in the biology program for the past four years; she has demonstrated not only academic excellence, but has also displayed outstanding leadership qualities and professional focus. She has excelled in all of her biology courses, maintaining a 3.92 GPA. Kelsey has also been an active participant in the University Honors Program. During her time at RMU, Kelsey has been a colonial ambassador as well as the treasurer of the BSU. Kelsey has also acted and participated in Colonial Theatre programs such as Rent and Titanic. Kelsey has made the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Dean's List every semester of her college career. She has shadowed doctors in Phitsanulok Thailand and spent a semester abroad in Limerick Ireland. Kelsey has been a part of a research team composed of physicians from the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC to study PCOS and create a better diagnosis procedure. Kelsey is a deserving recipient of the RMU Woman of Achievement Award. She has shown passion and drive in the pursuit of a career in the medical field. Although she still awaits other offers before making her final decision, Kelsey has been accepted into the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine and will likely attend this location in the fall. 

BS Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Concentration) : MATT P. SCOLIERI 

2017 UG awards [1]

Matt will be earning his B.S. in Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering and his M.S. in EngineeringManagement in May of 2018. Matt is highly involved on campus as President of the Colonial Ambassadors, Co-Founder and Secretary of LEGO club, Team Captain of the SAE Aero Design team, member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, member of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, and member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Matt also is in the RMU Honors Program. Each semester he made Dean’s List and maintains a 4.0 GPA. Not only has Matt excelled in the classroom, but also in the engineering world with his three internship experiences. Matt has interned with GE Transportation, Sippel Steel Fab, and FedEx Ground. He has currently accepted an internship position in the summer at Michael Baker International. Matt plans to use his degrees from RMU to make a significant impact in his place of work and the world.    


ASCB Conference - Damian Di Florio
ASCB Conference - Damian Di Florio 

"The conference was a gathering of some of the greatest researchers in cell biology, from all over the world."   Read More 

SAE AERO Design Competition

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers student chapter at RMU has registered to take part in the SAE Aero Design Competition. This event will take place at the Florida Air Museum in Lakeland, Florida on April 21-23, 2017.

A total of 75 teams are registered in the competition with another 40 teams on a waiting list. Forty teams are from Universities within USA, ten teams from Canadian Universities and the rest of the teams come from Universities in India, Egypt, Turkey, China, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and Poland.

What a great opportunity for our students to put their design and manufacturing skills into practice building a remote-control airplane! Some of the most relevant design constraints are that the airplane must have a maximum gross weight of 55 lbs and that it must be propelled by a single electric motor. The design must aim to carry as much cargo (weight) and passengers (tennis balls) as possible and includes a written report where students include drawings of the airplane and payload prediction against density altitude.

Read more about this event: 

John Hancock's Global Women Alliance: Women in Corporate America

Alyssa Sheehan, a sophomore actuarial science student, had the opportunity to attend John Hancock's Global Women Alliance: Women in Corporate America event in Boston on February 8th. She listened to women discuss what it is like to work in corporate America, at John Hancock specifically, from a woman's perspective. The women on the panel were able to share valuable pieces of advice for how to achieve one's goals, and they encouraged attendees to never discriminate against themselves because they are women. The panel also spoke on the importance of continuing to build upon one's skills and constantly seeking new opportunities.

SOA Student Case Study Challenge

The SOA is holding a Student Case Study Challenge, which provides an opportunity for teams of students to apply their actuarial skills on a real world problem. Over the course of eight weeks, teams of up to five students will research a case study situation, conduct actuarial analysis, formulate solutions, and present recommendations. Finalists will have the opportunity to formally present to a panel of SOA judges for top awards.  All teams meeting a minimum standard will be recognized in official SOA publications and team members will be awarded a certificate of participation. RMU will be represented by two teams of students for the case study challenge.