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RMU STEM Diversity & Inclusion Initiative:


To help build a stronger workforce, stronger communities, and a stronger society, the Robert Morris University School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science is committed to recruiting and supporting women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields, both as students and faculty members.

We are proud that through strategic coordination, community outreach, and leading with our advocates and corporate partners, our school is building a climate where all students can thrive.

We work closely with RMU's Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity to support the Diversity Workforce Development Initiative — an ongoing effort to raise the participation rates of women and underrepresented minorities in the regional workforce, especially in skilled fields. This effort works hand-in-hand with pre-college programming to increase the pipeline of talented students pursuing majors in targeted fields, such as STEM.

Maria Kalevitch, Ph.D.
Insight Into Diversity "100 Inspiring Women of STEM"

As dean of the RMU School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science, Maria Kalevitch is a strong supporter of gender and racial diversity at the university. When she came to RMU in 2002, she was the only female science professor on the faculty. Now, a third of the school's faculty and staff is female. New faculty members include engineering professor Rika Carlsen, an expert in using microdevices to understand traumatic brain injury; mathematics professor Heather Hunt, who studies functional equations and group theory; and science professor Melissa Hillwig, whose focus is on genetics.


Diversity in STEM at RMU

  • Hiring diversity has increased female representation in school faculty and staff from one female science professor in 2002 to one-third of the staff and faculty now

  • "Strength in Numbers" 3-day downtown Pittsburgh conference focused on raising the number of African-American males in STEM careers

  • Highmark Presidential Actuarial Scholarship  annual full tuition award for first-generation college students

  • Women's Leadership and Mentorship Program to attract top female students and provide them with faculty and professional mentors in their field

  • RMU Black Male Leadership Development Institute partners with the Urban League to offer on-campus STEM career symposium for high school students

  • K-12 Outreach for STEM events on campus and in the community places emphasis on attracting girls and underrepresented minorities