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Industry Connections

Our region, the nation, and the world are now realizing the significance of America’s development of new energy reserves from shale. Here in the Marcellus basin we have witnessed economic gains from the oil and gas industry’s activity. In Pennsylvania alone, we’ve already seen 339,000 jobs supported by the industry and $34.7 billion of economic activity.

SEMS aims to provide its students with a professionally focused education that helps them to launch rewarding careers and make meaningful contributions to the lives of others. Many of our students remain in western Pennsylvania after graduation, so it is no surprise that throughout its history RMU has played a major role in shaping the region’s professional workforce.

Today Robert Morris is positioned well to help grow Pittsburgh’s nascent energy industry and spark a consequent revival in manufacturing. Since its inception, SEMS has worked closely with manufacturers and other corporate partners to make their operations safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Our faculty members have extensive industry experience that informs their teaching and provides students with real-world, problem-solving opportunities. Engineering is now RMU’s largest major and SEMS is the university’s fastest growing school—and for a good reason. As western Pennsylvania seeks to leverage its rich supply of natural gas and other energy sources into a broad-based, sustainable economic revival, the corporate community and policy makers will find no better partner than Robert Morris University.