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Research Interests

The SEMS research is characterized by close collaborations amongst the Science, Engineering and Mathematics faculty. The research environment within SEMS is creative, stimulating and strongly encourages interdisciplinary research both within and outside of school. This leads to the development of successful research grants, research infrastructure and research opportunities within SEMS. 

In particular, interdisciplinary research proposals and cross-institutional collaborations are developed to provide several pathways for RMU students to enhance their research experience at RMU. 

The SEMS research interests are driven forward by innovative ideas of the SEMS faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students. Some of the research topics at RMU include 3D manufacturing, engineering materials and high temperature processing, biomedical devices, head trauma detection, alternative energy, solar energy, operations research, logistics and supply chain management, mechatronics, optimization modeling, soil conservation, software verification and validation, statistics and actuarial sciences and many others.

The SEMS faculty are also actively engaged in pedagogical research for developing and delivering novel methods for STEM education that have received national recognition.

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Priyadarshan Manohar, Ph.D.   
Co-Director, SEMS-ROC Research & Grants 
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