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Dr. Arif Sirinterlikci, Engineering Department - SEMS, RMU – 2015 – 2018

This is a collaborative grant between Robert Morris University, CMU, Lehigh University and Schroeder Industries which is one of the leaders of the Fluid Conditioning Technology in both the United States and the world. By incorporating additive manufacturing technologies in its product development and fabrication tools, Schroeder will be able to reduce the development and prototyping lead times as well as accelerate fabrication of custom components. Robert Morris University School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science is awarded $112,000 of the total grant and will act as a partner in this process, with its expertise in the additive manufacturing field. These technologies will allow Schroeder to increase its responsiveness to the needs of the market, allowing it to gain a larger market share. Incorporating additive manufacturing will also reduce costs greatly due to outsourcing traditional means such as injection molding and die-casting Schroeder relies on its product development. The project will also focus on investigating rapid manufacturing of components for custom fluid conditioning devices including filters. Components in concern will be filter caps, end caps, and possibly filter elements. The research will seek to identify an additive technology, utilize material and design changes through Design for Additive Manufacturing (DAM) concept for the elements in concern. The technology chosen will address the issues of form, dimensional requirements and fit checking, porosity of the fluid conditioning element, chemical compatibility with hydraulic fluids and temperature constraints along with functionality.