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RK Mellon Foundation

Dr. Maria Kalevitch, Dr. Priya Manohar, Dr. Arif Sirinterlikci, and Dr. Tony Kerzmann SEMS, RMU – 2016 – 2019

The grant is provided for the development of energy and manufacturing engineering certificates in collaboration with Energy Innovation Center Institute (ECI) and to develop 3D printing laboratory in downtown Pittsburgh $370,000. The three engineering and technology certificates including Manufacturing Engineering Certificate (18 credits), Advanced Additive Manufacturing Certificate (12 credits) and Energy Engineering and Technology Certificate (18 credits). These certificates allow engineering and technology personnel working in industry to obtain their academic and professional credentials and thus help develop their future career paths. The academic credits obtained via certificates will be fully transferable should the students choose to continue their engineering education leading to their undergraduate or graduate engineering degrees at RMU. The courses will be delivered by RMU faculty in EIC building which is located in downtown Pittsburgh.

To support the academic activities of these certificates, a brand-new, fully equipped Advanced Manufacturing, Energy and Sustainability laboratory is being developed on EIC campus by RMU faculty. The laboratory will include hands-on experiments and demonstrations associated with advanced additive manufacturing, 3D modeling and printing, renewable energy topics such as solar, wind, hydro and biofuels. The laboratory will also be used to teach topics related to energy efficiency, thermodynamic cycles and conventional energy sources such as clean coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels. Finally the laboratory space will be used for the instruction on life cycle assessment and associated embodied energy of products and goods.