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What's It Like To Be An Engineer

Dec. 20, 2017

Today SEMS had a visit from middle and high school students from the McKeesport Area School District.  Dr. Luis Monterrubio and Dr. Tony Kerzmann gave them a tour of our labs, robots and machines.  They also learned about what it is like to be an engineer and how to create a 3D model using SolidWorks. 

McKeesport 1    McKeesport 4

McKeesport 3   McKeesport 2


Student Interview

Chad Green of the Saturday Light Brigade radio show interviewed three RMU students from the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science while they were participating in STEM outreach at the 2017 Maker Faire.

We hope you enjoy listening to the interview!


Summer Camps 2017


Summer Camp 2017 - Animatronics






Dr. Arif Sirinterlikci held the Animatronics Camp for high school students. During his camp, students design and built robots. 


Summer Camp 2017 - Girls in STEM






Dr. Rika Carlsen held the Girls in STEM Research Camp for high school girls. During Dr. Carlsen's camp, students participated in multiple research projects related to head trauma. 


Summer Camp 2017 - Music in STEM
Summer Camp 2017 - Electro Optics

Dr. Benjamin Campbell held the Music and STEM and Electro-Optics summer camps for high school students.
During the Music and STEM camp students used arduinos to build electronic instruments and compose their own music.
During Dr. Campbell's Electro-Optics camp, students were introduced to electro-optics and microcontrollers. 


Summer Camp 2017 - Energy Ties
Summer Camp 2017 - Great Energy Race

Dr. Tony Kerzmann held the Energy Ties summer camp for middle school students and The Great Energy Race summer camp for high school students. During both camps, students learned about sustainable energy and designed, built and raced energy efficient cars.

Thank you to all the faculty who helped support our Outreach programs this summer!



Todd Lane Science Fair 1-1 

Todd Lane Science Fair 3-3

Todd Lane Science Fair 2-2

Todd Lane Science Fair

May 11, 2017   

Dr. Tony Kerzmann & SEMS ROC Outreach Ambassadors presented energy, electricity andenvironmental demonstrations to a group of highly engaged and excited elementary school students at Todd Lane Elementary School, Monaca, PA. 


STEM Night Banner

4th Annual Elementary Family STEM Night

The School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science held its 4th annual Elementary Family STEM Night on March 11th in the John Jay Gym. 

The event was free and open to students in grades K-4 and their families.  With about 150 participants, families were able to engage in STEM activities together such as: Carnegie Science Center's mobile planetarium, Befuddled Farms honey tasting, Fern Hollow Nature Center's microscopic animals, Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium and many more. 

This event is offered annually through the SEMS Research & Outreach Center.

smART: Science Meets ART is the idea that blending science and art will help keep students engaged and strengthen valuable scientific skills. Using this concept we developed a week long summer camp for local seventh through ninth grade students. During this camp our students explored four areas of science---Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Below you will find a collection of information not only about our smART camp, but also about how to start your own smART camp and incorporate smART into your classroom.

Check out the following smART LINKS:

  1. Ecosystem Design Lesson Template
  2. Ecosystem Design Info Loop Sample
  3. Energy Lesson Plan Template
  4. Dendrology Lesson Template
  5. Lab Safety Contract Template
  6. Sample Camp Lab Workbook
  7. Sun-print Lesson Template
  8. Sample Summer Camp Workbook