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Research Interests

SEMS-ROC, reflecting the diversity of interests of the engineering, mathematics and science faculty is multidisciplinary in nature. Research activities tend to cluster around several broad topic areas involving faculty from across SEMS and in some cases, from other Schools at Robert Morris. Current focus clusters and those faculty leading the efforts include:

Sustainable & Alternative Energy

Interested in questions surrounding the development of alternative forms of energy. Provides support to the Alternative Energy and Sustainability Minor offered at RMU.

Gavin A. Buxton
Tony L. Kerzman
Mechanical & Materials Design & Development,
Process Engineering,
Mathematical Modeling, CAD, CAE

Assists in industries and entrepreneurs in the design and development of devices, products and service through consulting, student projects, graduate theses, and Laboratory analysis.

Materials design and materials research, high temperature process design, failure analysis, structure - property relationships, mathematical modeling, thermomechanical process simulation, and engineering education. Vibration, numerical methods, finite element methods, fluid-structure interaction, computational mechanics, and acoustics.

Priyadarshan Manohar
Luis Monterrubio
Improving STEM Education

Focused on improving the quality of the educational programs offered within SEMS through course enhancements, technology and laboratory Innovation, scholarship sponsorship and programmatic improvements.

Matthew J. Maurer
Sushil Acharya
Environmental Sustainability

Conducts field studies documenting ecological impacts and analyzes industrial processes and practices to improve environmental sustainability.

William J. Dress
Paul D. Badger
Expanding STEM Interest

Concerned with developing and evaluating strategies for expanding the interest level of elementary and secondary school students in pursuing studies and careers in STEM. Click here to see upcoming events.

Matthew J. Maurer
Sarah Kerin

Bioinformatics. Optimization

Combinatorial and computational optimization with applications in bioinformatics, energy economics and business analytics. Automatic identification systems, engineering education, heuristic methods for optimization, optimization problems in military applications, data mining, risk assessment for healthcare operations, operations management in healthcare, 3-D printing.

Sangho Shim
Ergin Erdem
Bio-hybrid & Medical Devices

Soft tissue mechanics, injury biomechanics, cell mechanics, constitutive modeling, bio-hybrid micro-devices. Fracture/damage continuum mechanics, bone biomechanics, orthopedic and prosthetic implants and medical devices, numerical modeling and finite element analysis.

Rika Carlsen
Won Joo


Mechatronics, Laser Processing

Manufacturing processes and simulation, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and manufacturing, biomedical design and manufacturing, industrial automation and robotics, entertainment technology. Mechatronics, neural interface device control, touch screens, laser applications, the science of music, and engineering education.

Ben Campbell

Arif Sirinterlikci

SW, Data Mining, Distributed Systems, Cloud computing

Software engineering education, software verification and validation, data mining, neural networks, and enterprise resource planning. Middleware, software engineering, systems software, data analytics, distributed systems and cloud computing.

  Jameela Al-Jaroodi

Sushil Acharya

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