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Meet the Actuarial Students

For the 2011-2012 school year, 112 students are registered in the Actuarial Science Program. The program at Robert Morris University helps students to prepare for SOA and CAS exams and prepares students for a career as an actuary.

Read the Spring 2012 edition of Actualities, RMU's Actuarial Science newsletter, for the latest information on students and faculty.

Here is what our students have to say about RMU's Actuarial Science Program:

Brad Perciavalle

I’m a senior actuarial science major here at RMU. I’ve loved math my entire life, and the opportunity to use complex ideas in a practical application is what really drove me to become an actuary. So far, I’ve completed Exam P and FM. I also had the opportunity to intern at Highmark for a semester and a summer.

Looking back at my time here, I am very glad that I chose to go to RMU. The program has great, quality professors who really care about student progress. With the program being certified by the SOA as a Center for Actuarial Excellence, I know that my degree means something in the professional world.

For me, the size of RMU was also an advantage, not only for the actuarial science program, but for campus life in general. It allowed me to participate in a variety of activities over the years such as being in the marching band, choir, and the fife and drum corps as well as being an RA.

Alicia Carter

RMU's actuarial science program has not only helped me to prepare for actuarial exams, but it has been extremely helpful in preparing me for interviews and for working in the actuarial field. I have also gotten to know the actuarial professors, who are easy to talk to and always available to help with your classes and for preparing for interviews.

I passed Exam P during my freshman year, which helped me to get an internship for the summer after my sophomore year at Nationwide Financial in Columbus, OH. I interned at Western & Southern Financial Group in Cincinnati, OH, after my junior year. I graduated in May 2012 having passed four actuarial exams and will be starting a full time position at Nationwide.

While at RMU, I studied abroad in Ireland the summer at my freshman year, and I have also regularly volunteered at Network of Hope, an after-school program for kids.

Besart Stavileci

I chose Robert Morris University because it has an excellent Actuarial Science program in a small campus. From day one, there was a clear idea of what my academic experience (exam progress, coursework, and internship possibilities) would be. It is a great feeling to be on track!

I have passed exams P and FM, and I have had two internships. It is relatively easy to both pass exams and acquire internships, as well as have fun with the help that the program and the professors offer. Additionally, the small group of students in the program will be your best friends and motivators throughout the four years.

I have an extensive history of campus involvement. I used to be a math tutor on camps, and the president of Carpe Mundum Student Organization. I have been a Resident Assistant for three years and am currently the president of the senior class. Did I mention that they brew fantastic coffee at Romo's cafe?

Christina O'Neal

As a senior, I can honestly say that the Actuarial Science Program at Robert Morris University has provided me with all the essential skills necessary to be an actuary. With the help and support of the professors and staff, I passed Exams P and FM, completed a ten month internship at Towers Watson in Pittsburgh, and found a full-time job with The Hartford in Sinsbury, Connecticut.

Over the years, I have been involved in numerous activities: President of the Actuarial Science Club, former Treasurer of National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Catholic Campus Ministry, and the Honors Program. I also worked as the Mathematical Assistant for the Actuarial Science Department where I developed the base for the actuarial web pages.

Jaclyn Bosiljevac

The Actuarial Science program here at Robert Morris is truly exceptional. The professors here go above and beyond to help us accomplish our goals. Currently, I am a junior and have passed exams P, FM, and MFE. I will be sitting for exam MLC this upcoming May. I began interning at Buck Consultants (Pittsburgh, PA) the spring semester of my sophomore year and am currently there. This summer I will be interning at Nationwide Financial (Columbus, OH).

The program has challenged me to push myself and reach great goals. It takes great determination, but with dedication, the Robert Morris actuarial program will surely prepare you to become an outstanding actuary. Whenever I have a difficulty, the professors are approachable and always willing to lend a hand.

When I am not studying or at my internship, I find time to still be involved in Catholic Campus Ministry, the Honors program, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am also the secretary of Alpha Chi, and was on the Women's Varsity Rowing team for a year.

Joseph Douglas

I chose to attend Robert Morris University for the excellent actuarial program and I cannot imagine being anywhere else. The program is very exam focused, which translates directly into nearly ever course you take. It is easy to see the rewards of your studies, as opposed to some long term goal. The professors are amazing and really do their best to accommodate any needs you may have. (Whether it is helping with a homework problem you may not understand, or giving you advice for interviews, they always do their best to help students.) Though RMU is a small school, and the actuarial program (though growing) is smaller as well it has still managed to receive SOA recognition as a Center of Actuarial Excellence. (1 of 23 schools worldwide with this designation).

I am currently in the middle of my junior year and have passed Exam P, and will be sitting for Exam FM in the coming months. This summer I will be interning at Aetna and I have also accepted an offer to intern at Buck Consultants in the fall. I am a Resident Assistant on campus, as well as member of the university Honors Program, Actuarial Science Club, and National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Balancing coursework, exam prep, resident assistant duties, and extracurricular activities is a challenge. However, I can easily say I am a better person through all my experiences at RMU. It has been a difficult, but very fulfilling three years and I would not trade the experience for anything.

Callen Oster

I am a sophomore actuarial science major with a minor in computer information systems here at Robert Morris University. I have now passed the actuarial exams P and FM. I am excited to begin my first internship this summer (2012) with Towers Watson. The position will be in actuarial pensions consulting.

On campus I am involved in the Robert Morris University Honors Program, the C3 (a volunteer group aimed at revitalizing the local city of Coraopolis), and the Coalition for Christian Outreach.

The actuarial program here at Robert Morris has been an essential part of my success at passing exams and getting an internship for the summer. Other students within the program set the bar for success and on-campus leadership.

I enjoy the classes taught by actuarial professors with years of teaching experience as well as experience in the pensions, life insurance, and health insurance fields. The professors do not hesitate to talk with you whether it is about class or career advice.

Michael Holcomb

I am currently in my second year at RMU. With the help of my professors and fellow classmates, I've passed two exams and hope to be sitting for my third soon. I also have an internship position this summer at Coventry Health Care in Harrisburg, PA.

I feel that RMU's nationally recognized program is an excellent help to students in many ways. The professors are very easy to reach and they are a great resource for academic work, as well as career planning. The classes here, while challenging, truly prepare you for work after college.

Aside from classes, there are plenty of ways to get involved on campus. As vice president of both Student Government Association and Honors Student Advisory Committee, I can safely say there are plenty of fun (and usually free) activities and events throughout the entire year. The student community is an important part of what makes RMU such an enjoyable place.

Katelyn Scott

As a freshman at Robert Morris University, I can already affirm that the Actuarial Science program here is outstanding. In the fall, I had the privilege to meet and receive valuable information from possible future employers through the career fair. My passion for math and solving complex problems is what drove me to purse this constantly growing field. I will be taking my first actuarial exam, Exam P, this summer. I am a member of the Division I Women's Ice Hockey team, the Actuarial Science Club, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am able to balance the rigorous demands of being a student-athlete because the professors here have been particularly understanding in working with my hockey schedule to enable me to take all the classes I need and to make up any work that I miss while my team is on the road. The professors are extremely helpful and go out of their way to better prepare you for a career as an actuary.