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Meet the Actuarial Students

For the 2013-14 year, 120 students are registered in the Actuarial Science Program.  Read the Fall 2013 edition of Actualities, RMU’s Actuarial Science newsletter, for the l attest information on student accomplishments on jobs and exams.

Here is what our students have to say  about RMU’s Actuarial Science Program:

Brian Murone

After looking at the Actuarial Science programs at many other schools, nothing really compared to the program here at Robert Morris.  Being involved with a program here that is so focused on preparing us to pass the actuarial exams, I find it hard to imagine being anywhere else.  The professors have been great teachers in the class room and are always encouraging us to accomplish our goals.  With smaller class sizes, it’s easy to develop personal relationships with all of the professors.  The size of the school does not compromise the quality of the actuarial program though; Robert Morris has earned the distinction as a Center of Actuarial Excellence.  In my experience, the program has been nothing short of excellent

Currently, I am a second year student and passed Exam P after my freshman year.  I plan on sitting for Exam FM this upcoming April.  I am in the process of interviewing for a possible actuarial internship this summer after networking at RMU’s Actuarial Career Day.  On campus I am a Community Advisor and I am also a member of the Honors Program, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the Actuarial Science Club.  Between coursework, community advisor responsibilities, and studying for exams I enjoy staying involved with intramural sports.

Philippe Rigaud

As a senior preparing to graduate and transition into the business world, I can say with confidence that choosing to study actuarial science at Robert Morris University was one of best choices I have made in my life so far. I have always had a strong interest in numbers, and when my high school guidance counselor told me about the work of an actuary I was instantly fascinated. After meeting with the professors here at RMU, I realized that this school and this department would be a perfect place to grow as a student and a businessperson.

One aspect that I like about the professors in the actuarial science department is that they work diligently to know you and what you do. I quickly became heavily involved in athletics: I played on the club soccer team for three years and I have been a co-captain of the club Ultimate Frisbee team. I am also one of the leaders of the Catholic Campus Ministry and a peer tutor in the Center for Student Success. The faculty have helped and supported me as I have sought to balance these activities with the workload of my major courses. Their instruction and support aided me in passing Exams P and FM as well as obtaining two internships.  Additionally, the life insurance company with which I most recently interned has extended to me an offer to work full-time when I graduate. The actuarial science professors have been an invaluable resource during my time in school, preparing me continually to learn and grow in life, and I hope that they will continue to be colleagues with whom I can remain in contact.

Carter Khalequzzaman

I’m a senior actuarial science major here at Robert Morris University with a minor in finance. I’ve had a knack for math my entire life; the opportunity to use math in practical applications in the business world is what really drove me to become an actuary.   In the preceding summer, I had the opportunity to intern at MassMutual Financial Group (Springfield, MA), and will be returning there full-time after I graduate this year.

I spent my childhood years in Michigan, and my adolescence in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I chose to pursue my undergraduate education at RMU because of its stellar Actuarial Science program and small campus, which have been vital parts of my success to jump-start my career after graduation. Thus far, I've completed Exams P, FM, and MLC. After my first semester, I had the opportunity to help a professor with actuarial research investigating healthcare trends. Other students within the program set a high standard for success and on-campus leadership to keep me motivated.

Over the years, I have been involved in numerous activities: actuarial science club, investments club, student activities council, intramural soccer, and the honors program. I also worked as a math peer tutor and a community advisor helping freshmen get acquainted to RMU this year. I've decided to spend my senior thesis developing a life insurance pricing simulation that will help underclassmen gain a high-level understanding of life insurance mechanisms.

Jeff Siwik

Being a senior this year, I have experienced just about every aspect of Robert Morris University through the eyes of an actuarial student.  Initially, it was the combination of a small school with a distinguished actuarial program that made RMU stand out to me.  However, as I’ve seen, there are many more aspects to the campus that not only make you a sought after actuary, but a well rounded person as well. 

The courses at RMU are directly tuned toward helping you pass five preliminary actuarial exams.  An annual career fair lets you network with regional and national actuarial employers for internship and full time positions. The RMU communications curriculum will make sure you are ready to interview and speak professionally in the workplace.  Lastly, in the small classrooms, you will develop lasting friendships with your classmates that will last a lifetime. 

Up to this point, I have passed two exams, had three internships, and have secured a job for after I graduate with Buck Consultants in Pittsburgh.  I even had the opportunity to intern three days a week  last spring with the help of my professors, all while getting university credit through Robert Morris.  While the major is at times demanding, I also play on the ACHA D1 ice hockey team, volunteer with the Catholic Campus Ministry, and even once in a while find time to fit in a short nap or two.  I will always look back on my experience here with the utmost satisfaction and happiness!

Kevin Klus

While researching colleges that specialize in Actuarial Science, Robert Morris University (RMU) was an obvious choice for me.  RMU’s Actuarial Science program is accredited as a Center of Actuarial Excellence, making it a top-tier university to establish the groundwork for a successful actuarial career.  Located just outside of Pittsburgh, RMU has a suburban atmosphere with a perfect blend of nature and city.  The professors at RMU are credentialed, easy to communicate with, and concentrated on providing students with the material to pass actuarial exams and be prepared for real world experiences.

Currently, I am a senior and have passed exams P/1 and FM/2.  While the exams are difficult to pass, being an actuarial student at RMU increases your odds at succeeding because of the aforementioned reasons.  In addition, RMU is a networking hub for the industry.  If a student can earn a high GPA and pass an exam, it is almost guaranteed that an actuarial internship will be obtained.  Two summers ago, I interned for Cigna, and this past summer I interned for The Hartford – both in life insurance.  Beginning next summer, I will enter the workforce as a full-time Actuarial Analyst at The Hartford.

I would highly recommend RMU to any prospective actuarial students.  Being surrounded by students that have the same interests and work ethic as you, as well as caring and knowledgeable professors, makes for a fulfilling undergraduate academic experience.  

Matthew Corkery

I am a sophomore Actuarial Science student with a finance minor here at Robert Morris University.  I have passed  Exam P, and will be sitting for Exam FM in the spring of 2014. I am also very excited to experience Actuarial work this summer through an internship.

On campus I am a Student Ambassador, and a First Year Mentor. I am a member of the Actuarial Science Club, and the University’s Honor Program. I am also the Class President for the Class of 2016.

I chose RMU because of the fantastic Actuarial Science program, especially since it was so exam intensive. The classes prepare you so well for the exams, and put you in a great position to receive an internship or job. I could not imagine being in any other program. The professors are also so helpful to all the students, and really work to make the program successful. The program at RMU is second to none, and will really help students to reach their full potential. 

Sachin Natarajan

I am currently in my second year at Robert Morris University studying Actuarial Science with a minor in Finance. The summer after my first year, I passed Exam P and will be sitting for Exam FM in the near future. I am also a member on both the Division I track and cross country teams. Between classes and practice, I actively participate in the Actuarial Science Club, Nonprofit Leadership Association, and am a founding member of the Creativity Club.

When looking for colleges, Robert Morris University’s actuarial program really stood out. The professors are easy to approach and very knowledgeable. The professors do an excellent job of preparing for the actuarial exams. The program is very exam focused, which will directly help in getting a job. I can easily say that Robert Morris’s Actuarial Science program is one of the best I have seen and I am grateful for my time here.