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RMU Advantage for Actuarial Science

Why Robert Morris University For Actuarial Science?
  1. RMU is a center of Actuarial Excellence
  2. RMU prepares you for a career as an actuary
  3. Classes are small
  4. Teachers are accessible
  5. RMU brings employers to you
RMU is a Center of Actuarial Excellence

We are pleased to annouce that the RMU Actuarial Science Program received the coveted designation of Center of Actuarial Excellence (CAE) from the Society of Actuaries. RMU is among the first cohort of only 10 U.S. schools to receive this honor in early 2010. It is based on a rigourous evaluation of all aspects of the program by the largest North American actuarial professional organization.

The RMU Actuarial Science program mission is to provide a comprehensive, full-service actuarial education comparable to ones found at much larger institutions. The CAE designation confirms our ability to do so. We are by far the smallest school on the CAE list, and we pride ourselves on our unique environment and small, informal classes. We have highly qualified professors who are easily accessible and fully dedicated to providing high-quality instruction to our students.

RMU Prepares You for a Career as an Actuary

Your checksheet centers around the material you will need to pass the SOA/CAS exams, plus material an actuary will need on the job. By the time you graduate from Robert Morris University, you will have learned the material for the first five SOA/CAS exams (P, FM, MLC, MFE, C). Once you graduate and pass any two exams, you will be able to apply for your Validation by Educational Experiences (VEE).

What does all that mean? When you graduate from RMU, you will be two steps away from becoming an Associate of the Society of Actuaries.

Classes are Small and Teachers are Accessible

RMU is a small school, with a smaller actuarial program. This means that major classes will be small and the teachers will be easier to access. Dr. Asimow and Dr. Hudak, the actuarial professors, are always willing to help students, whether it is with homework, exam material, or finding an internship.

All students must pass one exam before graduation, which most are able to do. The number of students passing two exams before graduation is increasing every year; hence, the program is getting stronger. To see the Assessment Results of the past graduating classes, click here.

RMU Brings the Employers to You

Every fall, the Mathematic Department holds an Actuarial Career Day where employers are welcome to come recruit students for internships and full-time positions. In past years, employers have come from numerous cities, such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Hartford, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Louisville. Actuarial faculty recommends all students, regardless of year, attend the career fair for networking purposes.

Students are able to submit a resume prior to the event, in which employers will pick students to interview on the day of the career fair. The actuarial science club helps students prepare for the career day by holding separate informational, resume, and interview workshops.