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Matthew J. Maurer Ph.D.
Co-Director: SEMS-ROC
Coordinator & Associate Professor: Science Education

412-397-4051 Phone
John Jay 213
Moon Campus

Sarah M. MacDonald B.A.
Manager, SEMS/Outreach

412-397-6331 Phone
John Jay 334
Moon Campus

STEM Outreach

Upcoming Events

Zombie Apocalypse Summer Camp
Robert Morris University, July 28 - August 1, 2014
Filled to Capacity - accepting names for a waiting list
STEM meets the Zombie Apocalypse in this summer camp.  Open to middle school students in grades 5-7.  Students will learn how STEM can help them survive after total destruction.  Who knew STEM could be so much fun?!

High School Animatronics Camp
Robert Morris University, July 28 - August 1, 2014
This week-long camp is taught by Dr. Arif Sirinterlikci. Animatronics is the art and science of designing and building animated sculptures and puppetry through  hands-on activities. Camp curriculum includes: introduction to robotics and animatronics, modeling/prototyping, mechanism design and assembly, electricity and electronic basics, costuming and integration and more. 

High School Electro-Optics Camp
Robert Morris University, July 28 - July 31, 2014
This week-long camp is taught by Dr. Benjamin Campbell and  introduces students to electro-optics. Electro-optics technology surrounds us, hidden from the untrained observer. Examples include the touch screen on a smart phone, ultraviolet lasers ant read data from a DVD, internet  information streaming across the globe on a fiber optics cable and more. During this camp students will learn the basic principles of electronics and how to use several engineering tools, including: multimeters, function generators, oscilloscopes, breadboards and circuit design software and more. Through hands-on activities, students will also learn about the properties of photons and how lasers and fiber optics work together to create speed of light communications. 

Alternative Energy Workshop
Robert Morris University, August 1, 2014
This one-day workshop is taught by Dr. Tony Kerzmann, and will cover the benefits and advantages of alternative energy through hands-on demonstrations and activities. Curriculum includes: introduction to various sources of energy, testing solar panels, testing wind turbines and building and testing fuel cells. 

Recent Events:

Girls in STEM
Robert Morris University, June 14, 2014

Over 20 girls in grades 6-8, attended hands-on workshops at RMU. Workshops were developed and taught by RMU Faculty, Staff and Industry Professionals in STEM fields.  Girls were exposed to information and activities in various disciplines, to help them explore future careers and degrees in STEM. Workshops included Cosmetic Chemistry: Lip Gloss, DNA Bracelet, Electricity, Exploring Aspects of Zoology, Fern Hollow Nature Center, Nursing Anatomy and Assessment and Soft Circuits.


Family STEM Night 
Robert Morris University, May 17, 2014
Over 150 Elementary School Students, grades K-4, and their families attended the first annual Family STEM Night.  Families engaged  in various interactive experiments, while learning more about exciting STEM disciplines. Interactive experiment tables included: Gummy Bear Launch, How much is 293, Frozen, Spectral Diffraction, Crazy Creek Critters, Microbiology and You, 3D printing, Human Biology, Roman Arch, Marshmallow Architecture, Designing with Zoobs and more.


SciTEch Days

Carnegie Science Center, March 6-7, 2014

8th Annual High School Science Bowl Competition

Robert Morris University; November 16, 2013
Nine schools and 12 teams competed in this jeopardy-like competition, answering various timed Science questions. 
First Place: North Allegheny
Second Place: Montour A
Third Place: Hampton

SciTech Days
Carnegie Science Center, November 7-8, 2013

Math and Science Collaborative Resource Fair
Carnegie Science Center, October 24, 2013

Allegheny Green and Innovation Festival
Hartwood Acres, September 28, 2013

Bridgewater BookFest (Children's Tent)
Bridgewater, PA, September 14, 2013


smART: Science Meets ART is the idea that blending science and art will help keep students engaged and strengthen valuable scientific skills. Using this concept we developed a week long summer camp for local seventh through ninth grade students. During this camp our students explored four areas of science---Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Below you will find a collection of information not only about our smART camp, but also about how to start your own smART camp and incorporate smART into your classroom.

Check out the following smART LINKS:
  1. Ecosystem Design Lesson Template
  2. Ecosystem Design Info Loop Sample
  3. Energy Lesson Plan Template
  4. Dendrology Lesson Template
  5. Lab Safety Contract Template
  6. Sample Camp Lab Workbook
  7. Sun-print Lesson Template
  8. Sample Summer Camp Workbook