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Student Profile

My experience at RMU and future plans
By: Jim Kreider

From left: Dr. LaSota, Dr. Kalevitch, Jim Kreider, Dr. Dress, Dr. Badger
I could not have asked for a better experience than the one that I got from RMU. Graduating from Seneca Valley, I came from a class size about the same as RMU so it was not a big change for me coming into college.

I commuted my freshman year. If I could do it over again, I would have lived on campus my freshman year to meet more people. I played ice hockey for RMU so I met a lot of people by being involved in that. My first major was sports management and then manufacturing engineering. Then one day I met with Dr. Kalevitch and she convinced me to switch my major to BS in Environmental Science. That was probably the best decision that I ever made.

The three years that I have been in this major have gone by so fast. I met a lot of people in my major that I will probably keep in contact with for the rest of my life. All of the professors are also really great. They were not only my professors that I learned a great deal from but they also became my friends. All of the professors pushed you academically but were also willing to go that extra step to make sure you understand the material. I got a great internship at FedEx Ground Environmental Services through the internship program at RMU. I learned a lot about how the business world is run and in the process made a great reference and potential job placement for me. It was sad to see my career at RMU come to an end, I made so many friends and so many memories that I will keep for a lifetime.

My future plans after RMU include continuing my education and receiving my Masters of Science in Environmental Management at Duquesne University. I will start that in May of 2008. That will run for a full calendar year. After that, I will start to look for jobs in the environmental field. My perfect job would to be a project manager for a medium to large size company where I spend about 50% of my time outside looking at jobs and running jobs.