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What Students Say

Erin du Carme ’08 M’09 knew that Robert Morris University was the right choice for her. She had the opportunity to study abroad, and the integrated BSBA/MBA degree program would allow her to receive her  bachelor’s in business administration and MBA in just five years. For her sister, Sarah Robb ’13 M’14, it was  the small class size, beautiful campus, and respected engineering program that helped her to make her decision. To read more about Sarah and Erin's experience at RMU:

Micah Brown, junior lacrosse player majoring in biology and pre-medicine, spent the summer interning at Johns Hopkins Hospital in their Substance Use and Disorder Services (SUDS) unit, a subdivision of the General Internal Medicine Department.  To read more about Micah's experience at RMU:

Jessica Kachur ’07 is a perfect example of how Robert Morris University's programs are built to help its students succeed. RMU recruited her in high school because of her strong math skills, and she ended up majoring in actuarial science. To read more about Jessica's experience at RMU:

Ashley Zacher: As a high school student researching colleges, Ashley Zacher knew all about Robert Morris University: her father, Tom, graduated from RMU in 1975. Still, she had in mind going somewhere a little farther away from her home in Plum. To read m ore about Ashley's experience at RMU:

Khulood Al Ali, a junior biomedical engineering major at Robert Morris University, was recently named a 2014 Newman Civic Fellow -  Read more at:

Ryan Hendrickson: He majored in software engineering, but Ryan still got his hands dirty. He led a student team in a national baja buggy race sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers. They used 3-D modeling software for the design work, built a prototype with PVC tubing, and worked with a local company to weld a steel chassis tough enough for the rough dirt track. And then they wrote up a sales presentation for their buggy. Read more:

Lauren Roberts: RMU Women's Lacrosse.  Read more:

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Nolan Nearhoof: 2012 RMU Football.  Read more:

"As valedictorian from Langley High School, I was accepted to four universities. But when I came here and met with the head of their math department I was very impressed with their program, and that's why I chose Robert Morris."
Allyson Vignone
Applied Mathematics

"Both of my deans drove me and other students to visit medical schools in Philadelphia and Erie. They always make provisions for us to do things we may not be able to do otherwise, especially Dr. Maria Kalevitch. She is truly dedicated to helping her students."
Tia Gaston

"RMU helped me get a job by giving me the tools I need to succeed on the next level. What more can you ask for?"
Ryan Hendrickson
Software Engineering

"The teachers and professors here at Robert Morris, they actually want to see you become something. You know, to have that support in college is great."
James Jermany
Software Engineering

"As a senior preparing to graduate and transition into the business world, I can say with confidence that choosing to study actuarial science at Robert Morris University was one of the best choices I have made in my life so far."
Phillippe Rigaud
Actuarial Science